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  • why there is no any way to pay for donate with paypal? alot people are trying to donate but there is no option to donate with paypal
    so they cant do that..
  • GM just a suggestion. Can you change the savage to cool down instead of 10 entries a day? Thank you
  • My patcher patches but after some time it says "Connection timed out". Tried reinstalling 3 times, turned off AV but it doesnt work. Please help
  • Please answer my support ticket !!!
  • Hi, I need help my character died and when he revives he leaves with his eyes closed as you can fix that
  • Hi sir can you help me my patcher is not running keeps on saying patching but its not patching, my internet connection is stable, I already disable my firewall and anti-virus but still the issue occurs
  • Need help with my account recovery i dont get no answers in the support ticket
  • Hello can you help me to recover my account?
    I forgot my account sir
  • Hello i need help please
    have a problem in the launcher
  • hii, i have a problem, the game crush after i log in and came in character selection after the last patch, what should i do ??
  • Hello!
    I wanted to know if it is not too much trouble that please upload the new update 0.19.01 (Including 0.19.0) in winrar to download it in an easier way and update, since it is difficult for me to update it by the patch. Thank you.
  • how will we know if the server is online?? newbie here
    • it says it on our main page under server status
    • how come I cant log in
    • what does it say?
    • it keeps on saying "log in details incorrect please try again" but Im sure that my username and pass is correct
    • you need to create an in-game account, what you have created is a website account, login with the details you registered and go to the account management page in the top right hand corner, and on that page you will see where you can create an ingame account
  • hello. i have a question
    i own a computer shop. they say only 5 account can log in.
    i already open 4 accounts. so my other pc cant log in there account. is there any way to log in there multiple accounts?
  • hey.. why my new account dont enter?
    i registed the account, i can log in the site but i cant on the game
  • Can any help me? I am new, but every time if i try to log in, with complete new created account. They stay i am banned. i dont know why, i never played.
    Some friends from me play here, i wanna do too. Please help.
  • Hi sir Omni i hope you can notice this asap😭. I downloaded the ignite flyff just this morning around 2 am GMT+8 and before the maintenance i can login to the game and after thay it says this . Error. An unexpected error occured. Please report the following exception: Systrm.IO.IOException etc etc please help me sir
  • Hey, wanted to ask if the IP thrown by the Java SocketException happened to be correct, because if that's a case, it shouldn't be there (hence why im not including it in this comment). I'm uncertain as to if this is the correct IP I saw or not but I'm asking anyways just in case.
  • hi sir ! Login datails incorrecnt . please try again . help sir please thanks !
    • Q: I can't login with my account i created on the website.
      A: You need to create an ingame account, this is different from your website account. go to the 'Account Management' tab in the top left and then you will be able to manage your ingame accounts from there.
    • i can`t find account management .
    • top right hand corner of our website, theres a picture of a little man in a circle, click that
    • and then sir ?
    • and then click on Manage Game Accounts and then click on add in-game account
  • Hi sir . where do i confirmed my email ?
  • Help please
    Ticket ID: 1800184

    Thank you
  • i messaged you on forum about a bug
  • Ticket id : 1800125
  • iwant to plaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy dis game plssssssssss read my post @ Support
  • Pls reply to my post i have a problem my account is ban " Perin Selling " but im not selling :( sorry bad english
  • Hii Omni! could you please contact me on discord :) i already pmed you there!

  • hello Exiliah friend my account is stuck in a system error could you please free me my name is walcomar31 I am a magician.
    • I was just playing and the internet shut up when I got back I was like in a world of extrellas riding my skateboard and from there I could not get out help please I want to continue with my game my account is walcomar31
  • Sir. Ive found a bug regarding the grilled eel item. It doesnt work like the others (Upcut, Refresher) because using it while in effect consumes one then refreshing the duration of the buff. Please fix. Its a great loss for beginners to lose these buff items unknowingly.
  • sir are u there?
    plz pm me
  • Omni, I just wanted to say you guys made the right decision to hire Natalie. She genuinely cares about the players and shines light. I just wanted you to know that she has been doing an outstanding job. Thank you.