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  • Selestia

    Posted the thread Maintenance 17/01/2019.
    Hello Ignite Flyff Players!

    We will be undergoing a maintenance on Thursday the 17th of January at 7:30pm UTC.
    Time Converter ~~Here's a converter if you need to see what it is in your local time.
    Thank you!

    ~Ignite Staff
  • merette420

    Posted the thread achievement.
    Just to say that there a Bug in Achievement Rewards for Dungeon completed. Every Rewards are Dungeon Token but for Britannia S it Give CHIPS not token and wtf is that for ?
  • I3imbo

    Wrote a comment on Caake’s wall.
    Wall Comment
  • Elisa

    Replied to the thread [ENG] Tinder.
    (Quote from cori)

    Hey and welcome back to Ignite!
    I'll contact you in game :wink:
  • Fawkez

    Replied to the thread Need Help Flyff wont start.
    this is not a serverbased error its a error based from your friends windows.
    follow these steps and it should be fixed.

  • cori

    Replied to the thread [ENG] Tinder.
    Hey Im a returning player, played on the other realm last year.
    I would like to join you with a friend, Im currently ~ 80m tho. On the bright side, I am a Tinder Gold customer so..^^

    If you still accept people hmu ingame, IGN: coRi
  • glastiger

    Posted the thread Need Help Flyff wont start.
    Sorry if this is the wrong Section, but i couldnt find a Support section here.

    A friend of mine has a Problem he cant launch Ignite flyff. He has windows Vista 32bit.
    He installed the client mutliple Times trying to fix the error, patching etc succeed…
  • Selestia

    Replied to the thread bug with ingame shop VPoints.
    (Quote from kenji97)

    Open a ticket on discord, it's easier for us.
  • Selestia

    Replied to the thread lucky ignite weekend event.
    (Quote from feyen)

    You need a character above level 60 to get rewards.
  • kenji97

    Posted the thread bug with ingame shop VPoints.
    Hello. 2days ago I buy 5 keys for buff pet on my main account(second ingame account). And my inventory stay empty.
    Can you fix it please?:)