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    Patch Notes 2.4.1

    General Changes:

    - Vote buff now is based on votes from previous day (Will be updated at 12am)
    - Added Scroll of Reflection to the Ignite Shop

    Bug Fixes:

    - Impreved Gingerbread hitbox

    - Gingerbread won't restore to full health anymore when the current tank dies

    - Fixed a display bug in the collect event window not showing the correct reward time


    Patch Notes 0.14


    "This week we have spent a lot of time reorganising the way we handle suggestions and

    development within the team, we are trying out a new platform and so far it is going great!

    We have also been discussing and adding opinions on new content that is to hopefully

    going to start going into development soon ( this is not new end game content just extra content )

    On top of this we are looking into making dungeons slightly more rewarding if you were unlucky

    and didn't get any loot, this is still in discussion but we will be moving forward with development a.s.a.p!"


    Class Specific Badges

    You will now unlock badges for your specific class for you to use whenever you like!

    Those who are already leveled up will unlock their badges once they login to the game.

    See the spoiler below to see what they look like or check your badge inventory in-game.


    Profession System

    From a couple weeks into the launch of the server we have been running a trial on how the placement of professions nodes go.

    The primary idea of having them inside dungeons unfortunately did not go according to plan as it locked a lot of players out of

    progressing through the system, and was difficult to get into if you leveled past certain stages of the game.

    We have revisited this system and we have moved all the nodes outside of the dungeons! Recipes will still be obtained from dungeons,

    but more methods to obtain stronger recipes will be coming in the future.

    All of the profession nodes are now placed from Shaduwar -> Bahara Desert
    Following this path, it will lead you from Shaduwar ( previous Savage Wilds Nodes ) -> Bahara ( previous Battlegrounds Nodes )
    No map will be supplied by us in the Staff, it will be up to you players to find these node locations yourselves!
    You are more than welcome to post a player made map in player guides!

    To keep the system from being over-farmed there are limits to the amounts of these nodes that will spawn, so you will have to compete
    with other players to collect these resources. The profession nodes are available on all channels. Goodluck!


    • Jester self buff's can now be registered in the action slot.
    • Link Attack no longer works in PvP
    • Some duplicate items in NPC's are removed.
    • All Dryad gear now gives the same gear score as Kalgas.
    • Lucky Card Boxes have been added to Kalgas and Kheldor, drop rates buffed.
    • Recipes you obtain for free upon first learning a profession have been removed from the NPC.
    • Added Heat Pill, Ignite Pill, Banana Jujubar, Fruit Punch to [Food] Luigi
      • Banana Jujubar: Recovers HP by 25.000
      • Fruit Punch: Recovers HP by 50.000
      • Heat Pill: Recovers HP by 50.000
      • Ignite Pill: Recovers HP by 100.000
    • Guild Siege is now at 7pm UTC Sundays
    • Added 'Beginner Box' to the vote shop
    • Added League of Legends Pickup-Pet box to the Ignite Shop
    • Added some CS-Sets to Ignite Chip Dealer
    • Added the item "Scroll of Unique Remove" for 5 Perin to Ayumi. This item allows you to remove the unique stat from any unique item


    • You can view all set effects in a tooltip when holding shift now


    • Fixed wrong names being on Modern Furniture Recipes.
    • Fixed a server crash
    • Fixed several client crashes


    Patch Notes 0.13

    This patch's main focus lies on rectifying several client and server instabilities that have been reported to us. It took some time but we want to make sure you get the best experience out of Ignite Flyff. We are aware of some disconnect problems and added some logging to hopefully rectify that next patch, stay tuned!


    • Removed Snowy theme from Flaris.
    • Added Guildsiege on Sunday 5pm UTC.
    • General server stability
    • The Gpotato Boss dungeon is back.
    • Fixed isle of nightmare's exit portal.
    • Fixed some NPC items that were listed twice.
    • Fixed Cute Hamburger Model.
    • Added cute frog to pet tamer.
    • Added Ultra Shout to the Ignite Shop and Vote Shop
      • Allows a player's shouts to be heard throughout the entire server.

    • New Arena, Click spoiler for more information and Pictures!

    QoL Changes:

    • Party buffs will be shown even after relogging
    • Added tooltip information to recipe items


    • The stun bug from bosses in dungeons should be resolved now, please report if it consists and when it happens.
    • Fixed a bug where the client freezed
    • Several client crash fixes


    Patch Notes 0.6

    Patch Highlights:

    Monster Position Bug Fix-

    "This patch we have implemented some major changes to fix monster position bug's. You should see a major difference in-game!

    This is a major issues in a lot of server, and we're relieved to have this fix in place. We hope this fix helps you all, especially those

    who HnR. This should also help a lot in dungeons as well!"

    Dragon Sets are Here!-


    A new event dungeon has opened in Northern Flaris called "Gpotato Boss Fight". In this dungeon you will fight Overlord Gpotato.

    This dungeon is accessible from lv121-H all the way to lv135-L. There is a 35 minute timer you have to complete the boss. The dungeon

    can be ran once a day and the items obtained from this are Event Rewards and non-tradeable. This is because you are able to change

    character and run the dungeon again, this prevents "Gpotato Egg" stacking and an overflow of sets in the market that would be dominated

    by those who have multiple high level characters.



    • Updated Monster Names ( International Names ).
    • Updated Item Descriptions and Names.
    • Changed weapon skins to require First Job Class.
    • Master RM versions of the master knuckles added for RM, there is an exchange in Flaris if you already have the BP version.

    "Note: This exchange will stay there, we will not add the RM version of the knuckles to the drop list. If you need the RM version, hunt the BP version and exchange it."

    • Scroll of Unbinding added to the Vote Shop.
    • Dragon sets added to Ignite Shop.

    "Note: Dragon Sets are Level Restricted to 121H"

    • Added Spy Set (M) & (F) to Fashion Jeff
    • Added Wedding Set (M) & (F) to Fashion Jeff


    • All Royalum, Herneos and Entanesum Weapons are now soulbound.
    • Fixed pet filter card filter.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple vendors could be spawned/vendors could not be deactivated.
    • Removed empty entries from the record book.
    • Soulbound pets are now shown as soulbound in the tooltip.
    • Dead players can be targeted by left-clicking again
    • Fixed a bug where collecting players were stuck after relogging
    • Fixed reflect effect on weapons with a model having said effect
    • The server will now reject unsafe upgrades without protection scrolls being enabled when no confirmation was made by the player
    • Fixed a client crash when teleporting


    • Added more detailed error information for failed patches