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    Hello Everyone!

    As we all know, Ignite Flyff has died out completely. Unfortunetly all of our team had a lot going on IRL for us to be able to put the time in to keep up with the demand, and we fell behind.

    But with the fall of Ignite, maybe some light can come. We are in the discussion stage of bringing Ignite Flyff down for a particular amount of time and reworking the flaws that we have.

    As well as preparing any content to maintain us ahead of time in the future. As our team is working full time, we will be training up a familiar GM or two to be able to help us mitigate some

    minor tasks and help us in the future for success.

    :oh: Before you ask, YES. If this goes ahead, we will be refunding donation points. YES, there will be a wipe of accounts / characters and bans. This will be a clean start for both us and our players. :oh:

    As this is still in discussion, we would extreamly appreciate you taking the time to fill out a quick form to tell us if you are interested and what you would like to see done differently.

    Keep in mind, our goal for what's to come next is not to casualise content, but also to remove the hell grind ( and no, not with drop tokens or guarenteed loot ).

    Thank you to anyone who helps us, and we look forward to hearing from you. :ridicule:


    Tbh what did they expect at all with this new cluster shit?

    THey were just trying to avoid to refund all the donators their cash points back by introducing it.

    They deserve to be at this current state right now.

    They just dont listen-----dont listen AT all to the players.

    thats why all the big guilds left and wont return until they make a public apologize

    actually, our intentions from the beginning were to merge the clusteres as soon as spark is past content of Fire, seeming then Fire would be behind in gear and it wouldn't matter.. ofcourse the influx of currencies ( ignite chips, event tokens, perins ect. ect. ) would dramatically effect the market for quite some time, at least players would still have all their shit in one place. But everytime that conversation was brought up ( from early spark days, to new content spark days ) those who were in support of the merge were a minority and dominated by those who weren't, you don't need to take my word for it, the proof is riddeled in the discord server.

    Saying we don't listen is utter bullshit. Next to all of our features and changes have come from players. The token system was only implemented by the outcry of casuals complaining about loot drops and quitting. We've made mistakes, catering to casual players is one of them, but so have the players, which would be assuming everyone is going to be happy and continue playing ignite without help for casual flyffers. That's how it usually goes in servers these days,
    1) Hype builds everyone plays
    2) Either casuals or hard core players quit first depending on difficult of content / gearing
    3) Which ever group from above is left, complains about the drop in player base and demands content supported to the opposite groupd ( though this doesn't really happen if the casual group is the group of players remaining ).
    4) Then comes the underlying flaws in the game and balance, driving more players to quit if things aren't fixed immediantly. ( we had a large amount of issue with balancing as the foundation of the server was built to PvE, which was realised won't keep players around as the majority of population exists to PvP, then came a lot of trial and error for pvp balancing and bringing in players to help which didn't go well either ).
    5) By this time if all has gone wrong with the above steps you end up with a dead server.

    Selestia and I are having thoughts of bringing Ignite down for a few weeks for reconstruction and re-release ( refunding purchases ofcourse, but most likely that won't be from day 1, it will come after a week or two after launch if this does happen ). We have been swamped IRL, i've started a new full time job and he's been doing his final exams and now a bit of traveling, Anti has moved and started a new job that he is focusing on. So this is all in discussion phase to whether or not we actually even want to do this, then we'll be asking the community if they even want that, then if the answer is yes to those two things, we will move forward with it.

    I've already answered this on discord openly, there is no "squeezing out the last 10 bucks" as the server stopped making money and now it's got about 3 months before what's left in funds stops paying the server fee's, this shit isn't free, we've even stopped paying ourselves for our work on the server so whatever is there can go towards the fee's. But yeah thanks for assuming otherwise, it's not like we've offered you a 100% completely free experience, we have barely even updated our web shop for launch i don't know anyone could think this is about money. If it was about money, the server would of shut down 1 ~ 2 months ago.

    Selestia is currently taking on his final exam for his studying and is inactive for the next week or two because of such. Antimalware is also undergoing exams but will be inactive a little longer as his are pretty full on and as such he won't be active for around 2 to 3 weeks. I am still working on the server but i am studying and working, this is why patches are going to be fortnightly.

    Now before i continue with what i'm going to say, just keep in mind that we have no plan to shutdown the server.
    Depending on the state of the server in 3 months will determine if it stays online or not, if there's absolutely no one playing then there really isn't a point to keep it online. This doesn't mean we won't be working on updates and fixes. If you're expecting one big update that is going to bring everyone back to the server, it's not going to happen. It won't even happen after a few patches really, it would most likely happen if people still see consistent updates and the over hyped server they've moved too, finally reveals that the approach they're taking is nothing new lol.

    As for balance in ignite, this is a result of letting people who actually play the game come on board and manipulate balance and in PvE it works quite well. PvP in theory could of worked with more adjustments but it's probably closer then anything we would of gotten from listening to only the select few of players who tend to be extremely biased, and i don't blame you, what the point of gearing up a character if it's going to be weak or not preform OP in pvp. We can still manipulate this further and further but the people from the initial balance are now gone. So we will need as many recommendations as possible for that, and i don't mean here or in general chat of discord, it's just going to get flooded out and forgotten about. there's specific area's to post that in and i'd hope you'd all know that by now.

    anyway hope that's helpful.

    Hello Ignite Flyff Players!

    We will be undergoing a maintenance on Wednesday the 30th of January at 8:00pm UTC.

    Time Converter ~~Here's a converter if you need to see what it is in your local time.

    Thank you!

    ~Ignite Staff

    if your MODEL change a weapon the MODEL of the weapon is changed, this means it is no longer a bloody weapon MODEL because it has been changed, the glow points are on the MODELS themselves, so it won't work.

    It's working fine for me... What element are you using, and what Bloody weapon is it?

    Just to clarify, you don't have a model change put on the bloody weapon expecting it to work, right?

    That would just effect the supply. You will have a lot less people buying gear if they can do that.

    The exchange rate is increased drastically, if people are lowering their prices, it's because of the balance. If they're lowering because of the tokens, buy them and take advantage of that because that's just dumb.

    The only thing this effects the market value of. is early - mid game. In which you NPC'd these for the best profit anyway, so you would of benefited from the tokens in the update.

    But lowering the chip amount and making them not tradeable doesn't solve anything, it just effects the supply instead of the demand. ( not that the demand is effected anymore ). And making everyone get a token ( if this is what you meant instead ) would effect the supply drastically as everyone would just run 8x their own char to gear themselves up.

    Beginner Tips!
    Before starting in Ignite Flyff make sure you have a look at our beginner tips to help you find some

    of our systems or quality of life changes!

    I'll be speaking on behalf of the Token system ( which i planned to release with this balance ) since this was my idea.

    If you feel that the rates of this should be increased, feel free to recommend it. But let's put this in to perspective.

    For this example we'll take 135 dungeons for the point of perspective, as this seems to be the most complained about area, where really it effects low - mid tier the most.

    I'm going to go ahead an assume that you have 1 completely unique team ( as you would need a completely new team to take advantage of more then the daily limit ).
    It's going to take you 1 week to get, one single item drop from ankou, it's going to take 1 week for you to gather all the parts you need for a gear set. During that 1 week time

    you may POSSIBLY get set parts, you will also be dragging your ass through RNG needles trying to get the weapon you NEED from ankou. When put into perspective, the server has been online for just over a month, i can say you only started running this dungeon for the past 2 MAYBE 3 weeks. In this time you would of gotten one maybe two characters the gear you need from that dungeon with this token system. This really isn't the market flood you think it is. People seem to be under the impression that hundreds of these weapons are going to flood the markets.


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