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    if your MODEL change a weapon the MODEL of the weapon is changed, this means it is no longer a bloody weapon MODEL because it has been changed, the glow points are on the MODELS themselves, so it won't work.

    It's working fine for me... What element are you using, and what Bloody weapon is it?

    Just to clarify, you don't have a model change put on the bloody weapon expecting it to work, right?

    That would just effect the supply. You will have a lot less people buying gear if they can do that.

    The exchange rate is increased drastically, if people are lowering their prices, it's because of the balance. If they're lowering because of the tokens, buy them and take advantage of that because that's just dumb.

    The only thing this effects the market value of. is early - mid game. In which you NPC'd these for the best profit anyway, so you would of benefited from the tokens in the update.

    But lowering the chip amount and making them not tradeable doesn't solve anything, it just effects the supply instead of the demand. ( not that the demand is effected anymore ). And making everyone get a token ( if this is what you meant instead ) would effect the supply drastically as everyone would just run 8x their own char to gear themselves up.

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    I'll be speaking on behalf of the Token system ( which i planned to release with this balance ) since this was my idea.

    If you feel that the rates of this should be increased, feel free to recommend it. But let's put this in to perspective.

    For this example we'll take 135 dungeons for the point of perspective, as this seems to be the most complained about area, where really it effects low - mid tier the most.

    I'm going to go ahead an assume that you have 1 completely unique team ( as you would need a completely new team to take advantage of more then the daily limit ).
    It's going to take you 1 week to get, one single item drop from ankou, it's going to take 1 week for you to gather all the parts you need for a gear set. During that 1 week time

    you may POSSIBLY get set parts, you will also be dragging your ass through RNG needles trying to get the weapon you NEED from ankou. When put into perspective, the server has been online for just over a month, i can say you only started running this dungeon for the past 2 MAYBE 3 weeks. In this time you would of gotten one maybe two characters the gear you need from that dungeon with this token system. This really isn't the market flood you think it is. People seem to be under the impression that hundreds of these weapons are going to flood the markets.


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    We will not be deleveling characters anymore, we have had a large influx of players who are not caring for the responsability of using the exp stop. This is your own fault and not ours. Please do not message staff about this. Thank you.

    allow it through your AV, something is blocking it's connection to the patch server, could also be your isp


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    i think that's actually pretty well known seeming this is the first ever case we've had about this. But i wasn't saying i won't add it to the descriptions for you, just giving you a heads up for future reference.