Is the server almosf dead?

  • Hi I've been playing for a few weeks now and I can't help but worry that soon I won't have anyone to play with because whenever I login, most of the player count are vendors and multiple alts in the collecting area. Will the server die out eventually?

  • Many people and big guilds left the server yes.

    I dont know why, i dont see any server better than ignite.

    We can just hope that the players will return one day.

    Cuz the other Servers suck.

    Staff needs to keep advertising the server on facebook and also do lots of event to keep their left players and to gain back the old ones.

    It will take a while thats for sure! Maybe couple months maybe half a year. Who knows time will tell

  • yes its sad... everyone i knew left.. admins and staff are trying to make everything better with their ideas and implementations etc but actually it doesent work but they dont stop. they should hear the crowd of players but now most of them left... last chance is more ad and attracting players with cool events etc

  • The sad truth is flyff as a whole is a dying game. Most honestly just play on a pserver for a few months(sometimes longer) get tired of the continuous grind/farm/dungeons and just go play something else. I stopped playing on this server long ago before the 2nd cluster was even released, but I stopped playing for other reasons.

  • Ignite IS a wonderful server, so I still hope that things will pick up soon again.

    Maybe some kind of a new player campaign would help. It could also encourage current players to raise another alt char.

  • Well i would say personal irl things.... but most people what i heard they went to play on unnamed server what from my perspective is total ...... joke was there got cheated by their admins with their broken system they refused to fix it so i am playing here .

    And i can assure you i wont quit cause this is really fun server and is balanced thats what i love on it