Patch Notes 3.1.0

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    Patch Notes 3.1.0


    Masquerpets in Ignite Flyff have stolen Ravens potions! Help her by slaying monsters in Ignite Flyff that are level 60+
    You can find her in Northern Flaris to exchange the stolen potions for a reward!

    EXP and DROP Event!

    From now until 06/02/2019 we will be running a x2 EXP and DROP event! Go online and get those items and levels!

    Lucky Ignite Week will also be activated until 6th February.

    New Dungeons!

    Two new Dungeons are available now! Both of the dungeons drop new weapon skins.

    Every Monster inside the dungeons also has a small chance to drop a rare CS Pet.


    You can only enter the Jade Dungeon with an active premium membership once per day.

    The Jade Dungeon is located close to Demian monsters in Flaris. Cross the small bridge to Madren Town after Burudeng.


    The requirement to enter this dungeon is a character level 145 - 150, and you can enter once per day.

    The Sapphire Dungeon is located in the Plain of Bubble.

    General Changes:

    - We decreased the amount of FFA's per day, you can see the new times at Mazon (the FFA manager near Flaris Bank).

    - We've updated the Lucky Ignite Boxes with new items

    Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed a crash that happens when teleporting in Catacombs