Patch Notes 3.0.0

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    Patch Notes 3.0.0


    The idea is to create a continuable dungeon system implementing new, challenging bosses using extensive mechanics. Raid dungeons should be based on IDs which reset periodically ( once in a week ). It is meant to replace the poor party dungeon implementation by official Flyff to defeat RNG and make dungeon runs worthwhile.

    Cairos Dungeon Requirement:

    Level 150

    Gear Score: 570

    To enter this dungeon is just like entering a generic Flyff dungeon. Head to the entrance in Northern Flarine and enter

    through the portal with the party members that you wish to run with. This dungeon contains multiple bosses. After the

    party has killed the first boss, you, and everyone who killed that boss with you are now a group and will be assigned

    an ID. No matter what party you are in, or if you leave, as long as you are with people from that group you can continue

    running the raid dungeon whenever you like.

    To run the dungeon with a new group of people, you will need to either wait for reset, or not have killed the first boss with

    any other party members, this will mean that you do not have an ID and you're ready to go with your new group. If however,

    you already have an ID with a different group, you will not be allowed to change to a new ID.


    Raid A kills 2 bosses in the dungeon. On the second raid day, they kill the 3rd boss. Player B can not attend on the second raid day.

    Player B can:

    - Kill the 3rd boss with a clean ID group before the second raid day. All the people in the clean ID group will now have the ID of raid A. All other players from raid A won't be able to do the 3rd boss since it was killed by the clean ID group with player B.

    - Continue with the original raid group when they're back

    - Not participate in a different group having a different ID on the dungeon

    ID reset happens once a week. Players currently in a affected dungeon will be warned 60 minutes, 45 minutes, 30 minutes and 10 minutes before ID reset takes place. When ID reset takes place, all players in a dungeon will be forcibly teleported out of the dungeon and all dungeons will be reset.

    ( Meaning all players now have clean IDs and can start the dungeon from the beginning )

    Item Bind

    Coming with the new raid dungeons, a new mechanism of binding items is implemented. Dungeon drops can be bound to an instance group and are not eligible for unbinding.

    Said items can be traded within the raid group for a specified amount of time, if you upgrade or awake the item it will be Soulbound directly. Players eligible for the trade must:

    - Be in the same party as the player who initially picked up the drop

    - Must be in the same dungeon

    - Must be in a specified range near the pickup


    Boss X drops an instance-bound knuckle. Player A picks it up. Eligible for trades are:

    - Player B who survived the boss fight and stands near player A

    - Player C who died in the fight but is still around player A

    - NOT player D who died and revived to lodestar

    - NOT player E who did not enter the dungeon

    - NOT player F who joined the party afterwards and joined the ID

    New Weapons and Sets

    Inferno weapons are the new lv150 weapons. These will no longer be upgraded by sunstones / shining oricalkums.

    These items will drop from the Raid Dungeon following the system above.


    You will only need to buy the scrolls to upgrade your weapon, they work like sunstones / moonstones, and they have a 100% success rate so there is

    no chance for the upgrade to fail and no need for a protection scroll. This works the same for the Upgrade and Piercing scrolls.

    You can get these Scrolls from the NPCs inside the Raid Dungeon.


    There are also new sets available, you can buy them from [Gear Shop] Lyfalia.

    There are two kind of sets for each Class.


    Affixing System


    Achievement System

    The Achievement System is a self explaining one.

    By completing tasks you receive items and Achievement Points.

    You can open the Achievement System via Start -> Achievements or a hotkey you have defined.

    Right now there are 199 different Achievements available, more will be added in the future.


    When you have completed an Achievement, you will receive a notification.