Patch Notes 2.4.0

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    Patch Notes 2.4.0

    Christmas Event

    Hello Ignite Flyff players! Welcome to our Christmas Event 2018!

    A special request from Santa!
    The naughty masquerpets have stolen all of Santa's presents! Santa has asked everyone to help him collect them back in time for Christmas. You will find presents dropping from monsters all over Madrigal; for each present picked up a present will be returned to Santa. You can find Santa in Flaris. Click on
    him to open a window to show how many presents he has received so far! (see below)

    To complete the daily event, the entire server must collect X items. If the daily event is completed, all players will be rewarded for it.

    There are daily events, weekly events and a monthly event.

    The items drop from monsters above level 60, you don't have to return them to Santa Claus, it will count if you pick them up.

    The Progress Bar shows how many items have been dropped already.


    For each present Santa has a daily, weekly and global goal. Reaching that goal will award everyone with a powerful server buff. Good luck Flyffer's; we are counting on you~

    Giant Gingerbread


    A giant Gingerbread man has appeared in Flaris. Work together to take him down.

    Each player to defeat him will get a Lucky Gingerbread Box with tasty rewards inside, including a rare pickup pet and Mistletoe Sets!

    The Boss will respawn every 6 hours in Flaris.

    ( Note: You have to deal 10.000.000 damage to receive the Box. If you stop attacking for 60 seconds and start attacking again, all of your previous contribution will not be counted. )

    Advent Calendar

    We are starting the countdown to Christmas. You can find the advent calender at Santa Claus in Flaris.


    General Changes:

    - Increased Asmia EXP scaling

    - Added Revenio 1o1 M/F sets to Meteonkyer Token NPC

    Bug Fixed:

    - Fixed an issue with Monster and Skill Elements; Neutral spells are no longer made weaker by weapon element

    (You can have elements on your weapon without them making your neutral spells like EVA or spirit bomb weaker)

    - Fixed Collo Lucifer and Holy Knight repeat healing

    - Fixed Asmia mini map


    - Decreased the HP from The Wilds boss: Beast King Khan from 5m -> 2m

    - Decreased the HP of all mobs and mini bosses in Animus by 20%

    - Decreased damage from Cursed Animus boss: Drakul the Diabolic by 30% (auto and AoE)

    - Increased Kalgas Guardian HP and damage, made Kalgas triple hit slower

    - Decreased the HP of Dekane Mines 140 ~ 150 mobs by 15%

    - Decreased the HP from Asmia Mobs to range from 436k-582k

    - Added 10% crit chance to Special Knuckle Mastery (BP master buff)

    - Significantly increased RM AoE skill Merkaba damage and tick speed

    - Increased Royalum Big Axe attack speed from very slow to very fast

    - Lowered Arcanist DPS skills by 10%

    New Elementor skill rotation guide

    Like we mentioned in the previous patch, Elementors need to rotate their skills to deal the best damage. The best rotation is:
    Cursed mind > Burning Field + Poison Cloud > Action slot (Spear against neutral, Firebird/Stone Spear/Void/Thunderstrike/Iceshark against elemented monsters)

    Here is a helpful GIF to demonstrate:


    Element counters in flyff:

    We've also updated some Sets , you can see the new Effects in the Spoiler

    New on Ignite Flyff

    Last Seen in Guilds

    We've added a Last Seen feature for Guilds. You can now see when your fellow Guild Members were last seen online!


    User Votes

    We've replaced the User Online buff feature with something new. Votes to gtop100 will be counted and will give a server buff for the day. The more votes, the stronger the server buff will be. The count will be reset and start again each night.