Patch Notes 2.3.0

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    Patch Notes 2.3.0

    Old School Flaris is Back


    back to our roots with the old Flaris feel! topped with a sprinkle of snow for our winter season.

    Christmas events and activities are coming your way in December so be sure to log in to Ignite Flyff

    to be involved in all of the activities!


    - 1.5x EXP & Drop event is underway for a 1 week duration!


    - Bad luck no more.

    We have now implemented Dungeon tokens into all of our dungeons. This will be a guaranteed drop that you will get 1 of every run.
    There will be an NPC placed on the outside of every dungeon where you can exchange your tokens, alternatively there will also be this

    very same NPC in Northen Flarine, next to the box & key exchange. These are purposely priced slightly higher then it would generally

    take to get a weapon via RNG, please keep in mind this is only meant so you have a maximum amount of time in a dungeon.

    NOTE: Tokens do not drop on easy mode.

    Please see the below code for representation of maximum amount of time required.



    We've added another Premium Feature!

    All Scrolls, Potions & Power-Ups are automatically renewed after they have expired.

    General Changes:

    - All Dungeons have now a Speed Cap from 130%

    - The Halloween Event is now completly removed

    - Added cash shop, perin shop and vote shop npc's to darkon city

    - Cheer is now stackable

    We changed the Guild Siege Times ( Note: They are not final )

    Monday: 6pm UTC

    Tuesday: 6pm UTC

    Wednesday: 6pm UTC

    Thrusday: 6pm UTC

    Friday: 7pm UTC

    Saturday: 5pm UTC

    Sunday: 6:30pm UTC

    Bug Fixed:

    - You can't teleport over No Walk Zones with Blinkpool anymore

    - Fixed a Stat Hack

    - Bosses can't be pulled anymore


    Balance in ignite has been a messy issue, both PVP and PVE. For this patch we have gone to the roots of the issues to fix balance from the ground up. Here is a breakdown analysis of the changes we have made. Our goals with these changes were as follows:

    1. Balance out gear progression and improve the economy
    2. Make PVP crit damage more reasonable
    3. Lower PVE damage to account for the HP cap that can't be exceeded with bosses etc (2.147 bil; boss HP/block is being lowered to account for the lower DPS)
    4. Close the gap between class 1v1 DPS in PVE to allow players to pick the class they like, not just the class that's best

    Gear stat adjustments (weapons/sets/jewels)

    • Gear has been streamlined to offer each class the same stats at each stage of the game. For instance with ICD: lvl 120 = 80%, lvl 135 = 120%, lvl 150 = 160%.
    • Crit and DCT have been re-balanced for each class to make them more reasonable throughout the game.
    • PVP damage has been removed from weapons like Roika and some yoyo's; those weapons now have general stats that effect both PVP and PVE.
    • Armor set bonuses have been adjusted to account for unique bonuses. Set progression now looks like: 105 < 120 < 105 perfect unique ≤ 135 < 135 perfect unique < 150 set.

    Weapon rate adjustments

    • Weapon rates have been adjusted to always scale up throughout the game. You will always be getting stronger as you level up.
    • Weapon rates go much higher then they did before. This means that your stat allocation will have a greater impact on your damage.
    • Current and future PVP/PVE balance will be adjusted using a unique damage multiplier system rather than changing weapon rates.

    Block rate adjustments

    • Defender's melee/ranged block has been lowered to 5%, and now requires 5/5 parts for block effect. (You can get 10% melee with 4/5 defender's and a speedo +3.)
    • Ultimate Tank Jewellery set melee/ranged block has been lowered to 10%.
    • 105/135/150 tank sets have been lowered to 10% melee/ranged block.
    • Assist buff Cats Reflex has been lowered to 5% melee/ranged block.
    • Wooden/Plush guild desk now gives 3/5% ranged block, Wooden/Plush guild floor now gives 3/5% melee block.

    Changes to Blade/Slayer

    Blade build has been optimised to use axe and sword. Double sword/axe builds are possible, but will require special builds.

    Smite axe has been changed back to the original effect, and berserk is now 20% attack speed, 10% crit. It has no CD and a 10 minute duration.
    Ultimate defence effect has been changed to -60% pvp damage taken, -100% attack bonus. (This lowers up to 100% attack bonus that you have from your gear/consumables)

    Changes to Knight/Templar
    Guard effect has been changed to +50% HP, -50% attack bonus. (This removes 50% of your attack bonus; for example it negates suit cards and upcut)

    Special Knight Mastery has been changed back to Special Two-handed Mastery, and can only be used with Two-handed weapons.

    150 raid weapons for Templar can be exchanged at the raid vendor for their various alternate weapon versions. A 1v1 shield is also being added to the raid drops.

    Changes to Billposter/Force Master
    Asmodeus crit buff has been lowered from 15%>10%, and touch of rhysis party crit buff has been lowered from 30%>10%.

    A 1v1 shield is being added to the 150 raid to be the best in slot for endgame. It can also be used by Ringmasters/Seraphs.

    Changes to Ringmaster/Seraph

    Geburah Tiphreth has been changed to 20% attack speed, 15% DCT. This will help RM's with their poor attack speed.

    Blessing of the Wise Man has been changed to 15% PVE damage, 10% crit chance to help RM's cap crit.

    Changes to Ranger/Crackshooter
    Mid to late game bows have had their crit rate bonuses replaced with attack % bonus to improve their gear progression and remove some of their excess crit rate.

    We are aware of Rangers/Crackshooters having a lot of self buffs, and hope to simplify this soon in an upcoming patch.

    Changes to Jester/Harlequin
    Yoyo progression has been adjusted so each tier is stronger than the prior in both PVP and PVE.

    Whisper's Dodge has been lowered to 5% melee block.

    Changes to Psykeeper/Mentalist
    Demonology has had it's duration increased to 10 minutes.

    Mentalist debuff duration has been increased to over a minute.

    Spirit bomb has been changed to scale properly into the mid and late game.

    Changes to Elementor/Arcanist

    The first 5 Elementor skills (Firebird, Stone Spear, Void, Thunder Strike and Iceshark) have had their bonus effects removed along with their CD's and deal strong 1v1 damage.

    Burningfield has been buffed to be similar to poison cloud; both skills can be stacked and have had their duration increased to 30 seconds and their CD to 10 seconds.

    Wind field slow duration has been changed to 25 seconds in PVP and PVE.

    Elemental Masteries (fire, earth, wind etc) now all add 15% elemental damage to their respective elements. Only 1 can be active at a time similar to YJ enchantments.

    Cursed Mind now lowers Magic Defence by 60% (was 100% before; the skill inaccurately claimed to be 50%)

    Spectral Javelin is now a neutral skill which deals higher damage in PVE. It is useful as a filler skill against non-elemented monsters like clockworks.

    Astral Moon now deals higher damage in PVP than the first 5 Elementor skills (unless you use the counter element to your opponent's suit.)

    Adding +3 element to your staff increases that elements damage, and doesn't decrease the damage of the neutral arcanist spells spear, orb and EVA. (Edit: there seems to be a bug/issue with element negatively affecting neutral skill damage. We will look to resolve this as soon as we can.)

    • Elementor has undergone extensive changes to revitalise the use of elemental skills and improve their PVE DPS potential. Their optimal DPS rotation is now:
      Cursed Mind > Burningfield + Poison Cloud > Counter element skill spam in action slot (spear against neutral monsters like clockworks)

    As you can see from the screenshots, class DPS has been evened out a lot. I am also aware that this balance is not perfect; we will doubtless need to make adjustments and changes down the line to resolve various hiccups with PVP/PVE. The good news is that we now have a solid foundation to build on, as well as the tools to make the adjustments when required.

    You can find a full list of the new set effects here: Set Effects Guide

    You can find a full list of the new weapon effects here: Weapon Effects

    You can find a full list of the new skill effects here: Skill Effects

    "It was not easy to accomplish this, and I'd like give special thanks to the hardworking members of the PVP balance team who devoted a lot of time and effort to make this happen. Olli in particular spent hour after hour with me doing a lot of very tedious number gathering. Natalie also helped me with theory crafting some of the balance like block rates. The admins were also patient in carrying out our many requested changes. Thanks to everyone involved!" ~Madhat