Rules of Conduct

  • Ignite FlyFF's In-Game Rules

    Firstly, Thank you for taking the time to read our rules of conduct. These rules are put in place

    to maintain the enjoyment of Ignite FlyFF and to keep our players safe form of harassment.

    If you feel you have been wrongfully accused of breaking a rule, Please submit a support ticket

    for one of our Administration & Head GM team to evaluate the situation and get the issue resolved.

    Ticket System

    These rules will be updated as we progress as a server to make sure all aspects are covered. You will

    get a notification from this thread when that happens. Please also note that all the following rules are

    based on there being enough evidence against you to break our Rules of Conduct.

    • §1 Impersonation of an Ignite Staff member.

      • Any form of impersonation is a serious offence as it soils the image of Ignite Flyff. This offence will not

      be tolerated in any way and the offender will have their account restricted in-game and on the forums.

      • Impersonating other players for personal gain is also prohibited

    • §2 Degrading Ignite FlyFF or an Ignite Staff member.

      • Any form of degrading Ignite FlyFF or its staff members is a serious offence as it soils our image. This will not

      be tolerated in any way and the offender will have their account restricted in-game and on the forums.

      • Spreading falsified information, fabricated numbers or similar is of the same category of punishment as "degrading Ignite FlyFF".

    • §3 Exploiting 'Bugs' & 'Glitches'.

      • If you find any issues with our game please report it to a staff member as soon as possible so we can fix

      the issue. If you are caught exploiting these issues in any form, your account will be reviewed for punishment.

    • §4 Advertising or Endorsing other private servers.

      • If you wish to tell your friends of other servers please keep it to a personal message to them. If we have report

      of this happening outside of a personal message you account will be reviewed for punishment.

    • §5 Spamming & PM Spamming.

      • Spamming the 'Shout' / 'Say' box in-game will result in your character being muted for a certain amount of time

      If the spamming continues or you have chosen to spam on another character / account, all accounts affiliated will be banned.

      • AFK Shouting is of the same category as Spamming the 'Shout' box and will also result in your character being muted.
      • PM Spamming ( 'Personal Message Spamming' ) is considered a form of harassment and will be treated with a harassment punishment.

    • §6 AFK Farming.

      • AFK Farming ( 'Away From Keyboard Farming' ) makes it unfair for others who are making the effort to farm their gear. In such the

      punishment for afk farming is a ban if evidence supports this action.

      • Teaming in PvP Systems or using multiple characters under the same IP in a PvP match. AFKing in PvP Systems to farm pvp tokens is also prohibited.

    • §7 Selling for Real Life Money.

      • Selling any form of currency, item or account in Ignite FlyFF for real life money or similar will result in both the seller and the buyers account being banned.

      Any real life money that has been exchanged at the point of us gaining knowledge of the transaction is your own responsibility in which we have no part of.

    • §8 False Reporting.

      • At no time are you permitted to make claims on behalf of Ignite Flyff. Starting false rumours of 'wipes' or the 'server closing down' is forbidden. All accounts

      connected to you will be banned.

    • §9 Harassment.

      • Any form of harassment against another player in any of Ignite Flyff's means of communication will be an instant ban to all accounts affiliated with us.
    • §10 Botting.

      • If you are caught using any distribute software to automate in-game actions or similar actions you will be banned
      • Some bots will automatically kick you from the game and all bot usage will log your activity on our end.
      • Macros are allowed.

    • §11 Scamming.

      • Misleading players or any other form of scamming is not acceptable and will result in your account being banned.

    • §12 Account Sharing.
      • Account Sharing is against our rules. You will not receive any support from the staff if we find out you have shared your account details with another player, friend or family member. Any loss of items through this is your own fault.

    • §13 Account Trading/Selling.
      • Your account is personal, and selling or trading it for any kind of currency also virtual items is prohibited. This also applies to in-game currencies. Accounts that are found to be traded, sold or given away to end up in the hands of a new owner will be banned.

    • §14 Hindering a players experience.

      • Any acts towards hindering or damaging a player's experience in any way will result in that player being banned.

    • §15 Recovery of Items or Characters
      • No items are returned, whether it is the players fault or not. This means that no items are returned in the folowing cases:
      • Rollbacks / Server Crashes
      • Scam
      • Shared Account
      • Discard or selling for the wrong price
      • Sold to the NPC
      • The Staff does not restore any deleted characters.
      • This also includes if account information was given to a friend or another player.
      • The Staff does not de-level you. You can use /ExpUpStop to stop your xp