Patch Notes 2.2.0

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    Patch Notes 2.2.0

    General Changes:

    - Balance analysis has now commenced, We have implemented a method of increasing / decreasing PvP skill and attack damage that does not

    Effect PvE. This will make it easier to make changes to skills that only need to be buffed / nerfed in PvP.

    - Added a new LFG chat tab.

    - Giants are now activated on ch2.

    - Raised Pet Lv9 rate changed from 1.5% -> 3.5%

    - Playtime is now shown in character info window


    - Level 1 invasion!

    • This is a beginner friendly & muck about style invasion that has everyone dealing 1 damage to these mobs! possible rewards below

    Bug Fixed:

    - Fixed Dungeon timers running out after clearing / leaving a dungeon.

    - Re-enabled monster collision. As soon as they have a target, collision will be disabled again to avoid them getting stuck.

    - Fixed a bug where dungeon bosses wouldn't spawn properly.

    - Fixed the latest server crash