Patch Notes 2.1.2

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    Patch Notes 2.1.2

    Spooky Halloween


    The Zombies have escaped from the graveyard. Mr Pumpkin needs your help to catch them! Zombies you kill will drop Zombie Hunter Tokens, which can be exchanged with Mr Pumpkin in Flaris for special reward like the Halloween Kitten Set.

    During the event, masquerpets above level 60 will drop Zombie Parts. These can also be exchanged with Mr Pumpkin for valuable items.





    Limited Time Skins Available!

    Halloween exclusive weapon skins will be available for the duration of the event. Grab your favourite while you can!


    Flaris City - Halloween Redesign

    We've added a little pumpkin spice to our Flaris city, hope you enjoy it!



    Premium System

    Our Premium System is now available. You'll get access to the following quality of life benefits:

    note~ these benefits effect only the character with premium activated, the Premium Scroll's can be stacked.

    Permanent Inventory Bags

    Colored Shout

    Premium Badge

    Bulk Pickup ( pets will instantly pick up your loot in a radius )

    Access to Premium In-Game Shop ( Access to new Premium exclusive purchaseables ( Will be available with the next patch ))

    Different Shop Icon

    Automatic Shout

    Private Shop Search

    Private Shop Search:
    The private search feature allows you to quickly check and compare prices of specific items you are looking for.


    Different Shop Icon


    Automatic Shout:

    Your shouts will occur in the order you set them with 1 minute intervals between each shout.

    Once you start the auto shout it will continue as set until you stop it.


    General Changes:

    - Added some descriptions to new items such as inferno scrolls & dekane mine tickets.

    - 3 Day sewer rat has been added to the bigger chip shop for 200 chips.

    - Pain Dealer will remove only 10% of the target's HP.

    - Decreased keokuk recipe drop chance.

    - Removed Knockback from Yoyos.