Ignite Staff Applications are now open!

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    Hello Ignite Flyff Players!

    With the release of the new Spark cluster, I would like to re-open the Ignite Flyff Staff applications.

    The application period will be from now until the end of the 31st October UTC Time. Applications outside this period will not be counted.

    We are currently looking for 1~2 Gamemasters for our staff team!

    Below I will list a format / guideline of some questions for you to answer, you do not only have to answer these questions, so feel free to add extra information if you think this will help!

    You are free to present your application however you see fit, as long as the below points are answered somewhere in the application.

    Application Template

    In-game Name:
    Discord Name (including discord tag):
    Languages you speak:
    Active Hours (in UTC):


    • Management of forum posts
    • Clean-ups in forum and discord
    • Answering common questions about Ignite/Flyff
    • Representing the staff in a respectable way
    • Reporting information/bugs to Staff
    • Hosting events for Ignite Flyff players

    Knowledge in other responsibilities is not required but is a bonus.

    Please apply if you find yourself suitable for this position and can be active enough to manage this workflow. Thank you!

    Applications can be posted here: Staff Applications Forum

    Applications can only be read by the member who made the post as well as Ignite Staff and are hidden from other users.

    Thank you for your time!