Weekly low level siege

  • What level cap should the low level siege have? 40

    1. Level 60 (13) 33%
    2. Level 75 (15) 38%
    3. Level 80 (12) 30%

    Low level siege has been very popular in the past, so we are looking to host it weekly as a GM event.

    When will the siege be held?
    This may vary depending on when people are available and what other events are happening.
    Currently we are planning to host it every Sunday at 7pm UTC.

    What are the gear requirements?
    The good thing about having a low level siege is that players don't have to be very strong to participate.

    What are the rewards?
    We will be giving out event chips for various achievements, plus you will have the chance to win the crown for your guild!

    The poll for what level cap we will use ends this Saturday. Here are what the differences are between the levels:
    Level 60: Allows for guardian/ivillis equipment, limited second job skills.
    Level 75: Allows players to use their "ivillis dungeon" characters, level 75 gear and HoP amongst other skills.
    Level 80: Allows players to use their "wilds dungeon" characters, level 90 gear and all second job skills including asal.

    We hope as many as possible will participate to make this a fun and exciting event!