Poll for increasing server rates

  • Would you like to see a reasonable increase in server EXP/DROP/UPGRADE rates? 111

    1. Yes; please upgrade all rates! (48) 43%
    2. No, don't change anything! (37) 33%
    3. Just increase the EXP~ (16) 14%
    4. Yes, but just just EXP and UPGRADE rates~ (10) 9%

    Following feedback from various players about the difficulty to progress in the game we decided to start a poll for increasing the EXP/DROP/UPGRADE rates.

    How much will the rates change if the poll is successful?

    The rates will be doubled. Even if the poll goes through we will still be a low-mid rate server:
    EXP rate: 20>40x
    UPGRADE success rate: x2 of current

    DROP rate in dungeons: x2 of current

    Are the changes permanent?
    Just like any change, the new rates can always be changed again if needed.

    What are the pro's and con's to the changes?
    Easy catch up for new players to encourage them to try
    More end game players to do content and PVP
    Progression will be less rewarding
    Some players may feel "cheated" when others get to their stage with less effort

    We are discussing the changes in further detail on the suggestion discussion channel on discord; feel free to get involved there. Thanks!