Patch Notes 1.0.4

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    Patch Notes 1.0.4

    Fishing and Cooking

    New profession classes available!

    Fishing: Search waters all over madrigal to find fishes and catch them with your rod! these fish and

    herbs gathered from herbalism make for great meals!

    Cooking: Once you've gathered the right ingredients, you will be able to cook up some meals that give

    stat bonus' as well as EXP, drop and penya bonus' !!

    New Weapon Skins!


    New Arcade Wolf Mount!



    • Nerfed speedo drop rates
    • Added pickup pets and level 90 sets to the beginner shop
    • Increased Clockwork boss to level 135 (lvl 121-150 can get full drops)
    • Re-worked invasions:
      • Invasion spots changed/fixed so mobs are spread evenly - Changed Invasion levels to give different levels a chance to do invasions.
      • The new levels are announced in the world system messages when an invasion happens!
    • Fatal Stab damage increased
    • New Enchant Blood effect: 15% Speed 200 Additional Damage
    • Asmia spawn increased
    • Dekane mines now has 140 / 145 /150 farming area
    • BG has 2 modes now; 121-135 and 140-150. BG Dragon now drops 5 unique dust on both modes