Patch Notes 1.0.3

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    Patch Notes 1.0.3


    There will be a follow up patch between 14th ~ 16th that will contain the following, as well as more isn't listed here;

    UPCOMING 1v1 Farming area for lv140 / lv145 / lv150

    UPCOMING Balance adjustments for farming area's

    UPCOMING New profession & adjustments to current professions

    Divinity Dungeon drops have been fixed
    You will now get the following hearts for each difficulty level:
    Easy: 1
    Normal: 2
    Hard: 3
    Heroic: 4

    The following dungeon difficulties have had their drop rates increased:

    Savage wilds: Easy.

    Isle of nightmares: Easy, Heroic.

    Abyssal Cove of the Ancients: Easy, Heroic.

    Les Brittania S: Easy.

    Cursed Animus: All difficulties.

    Ankou's Asylum: Heroic.

    Base NPC values of weapons from Vampire to Behemoth have been adjusted:
    Vampire: 30 mil/80 mil ultimate.
    Entanemus/Hernesum: 50 mil/180 mil ultimate.

    Royal/Ancient: 60 mil/230 mil ultimate.

    Behemoth: 80 mil/320 mil ultimate.

    Fixed gear swap bug that was causing stat-stacking.

    Some impossible to beat records have been set using this bug, so we have reset the records too.

    Fixed PK quests to accommodate the new level cap.

    You can now PK in peace without getting sent to prison forever, even if you deserved it.

    Fixed resell prices to be split into penya and perins.

    An issue with the resell formula and penya limit was restricting us from changing base values how we wanted last patch. This has been fixed and base values re-balanced (see above). We hope these changes will improve the value of dungeons at all levels and bring some more stability to the market.

    Holy scroll has had its CD increased from 1.5>3 seconds.

    We hope these changes create a more challenging PvP experience that rewards combos and timing over mindless spam. With that in mind most stuns/roots have been set to a 2 sec duration 10 sec cooldown with a few exceptions. Here are the list of skills affected along with other balance changes:


    Special hit: 4>2 sec stun duration, 15>10 sec cooldown.
    Sneaker: 5>2 sec root duration, 4>10 sec cooldown.

    First blood: 60>2 sec root duration, 4>10 sec cooldown.

    Shield bash: 5>3 sec stun duration, 2>10 sec cooldown.


    Prevention can now be cast with a knuckle or even your bare hands!

    Reason for change: RM's can rebuff prevention without coming out of tank gear; now BP's can too.


    Gvur Tialla now removes CC's, HC and DoTs.

    Reason for change: We wanted Support RM's to play a bigger role than just root/HC slaves. This allows to save allies from deadly CC combos and bleeds.

    Soul of rhisis: 8>5 mins cooldown, HP absorbed 400k>1 Mil.

    Reason for change: In it's current state and with current average damage, this skill is easily broken. We have altered it to offer more protection.
    Priests grasp: 4>10 sec cooldown.


    Cross line: 12>100% chance, 4>2 sec stun duration, 0>10 sec cooldown.
    Dark illusion: 14>11 sec duration, 23>20 sec cooldown.
    Counter attack: 5>3 sec stun duration, 8>15 sec cooldown.

    Triple shot: 25>15 sec cooldown.

    Back Step: 12>15 sec cooldown.
    Silence: 7>6 sec silence, 6>10 sec cooldown.


    Rooting: 3>2 sec root duration, 4>10 sec cooldown.

    Cursed mind: 50>100% chance, 20 sec cooldown.
    EVA Storm: 40>35% stun chance, 3>2 sec duration.
    Sleep: 4>10 sec cooldown.
    Reason for no nerf to sleep duration: We didn't want to nerf this skill's potential in PvE, only PvP. This should hopefully accomplish that.

    Satanology: 5>2 sec root duration, 2>10 sec cooldown.

    Spirit bomb: 50% increased damage.
    Reason for change: Psykeeper is meant to deal high single target damage, but this skill falls off hard compared to Arca skills, so we're giving it a good buff.

    Psychic square: 25% increased damage.
    Reason for change: Psykeeper has received several buffs but still struggles a bit to farm. We are giving a significant buff to their base damage.
    Harden into Stone: 5>3 sec stun duration, 45>15 sec cooldown.

    Please remember: Balance can be changed at anytime, so these changes are not final.

    That about covers everything for now. Enjoy!