Weekend lvl 60 siege with the Staff!

  • Back by popular demand is the level 60 Staff Siege!

    This Siege event will be held at 7pm UTC on Sunday the 5th, and will be for levels 60 and below!


    What event is this?: This will be like any other Guild Siege, except for the level cap is restricted to 60 and Staff will take part in it also. Everyone will have more lives than normal.

    Rules: Only level 60's and below will be allowed to sign up. Please show good sportsmanship; anyone showing an excessive toxicity or negative attitude towards other players may be removed from the event and disqualified from winning any rewards they might have earned.

    Staff members will be using gear that a normal player could make and play just the same as any player would. They won't be unkillable, but they will certainly put up a fight!

    Prizes: Event chips will be given out for various achievements and categories, so chances are good to win something if you take part in this event! Below are some of the areas players will be rewarded for:

    ~ Winning Guild. Whoever wins the Crown will also receive 3 event chips to split between their members~ 681-crown-icon-png

    ~ MVP. It's worth a Gold Medal Muttley! It's also worth an event chip! Oh boy oh boy oh boy xD 680-mvp-icon-png

    ~ Most impressive underdog. At Staff Sieges we like to root for the underdog! This reward of 1x Event Chip will go to a player we think did an impressive job as an underdog.

    ~ Anchorman. This reward will go to the player who just won't let you get away. They will be checking just how many holy's you remembered to bring, and will win 1 event chip for doing it!

    ~Can't stop, won't stop. This prize will go to whoever manages to tank the most hits, refusing to die at all costs. Sometimes winning just means not dying! This player will also obtain 1 event chip.

    ~ Tilt proof. They tried, but for whatever reason things just didn't go right. Maybe they brought a knife to a gun fight, or maybe they got stun bugged. Whatever happened though they didn't letit ruin their fun, and kept a positive attitude. For their graceful loss they will win 1 event chip.

    When is this event?: This Guild Siege event with the Staff will take place this coming Sunday the 5th of August. It will be at 7pm UTC.

    Any character that is higher than this level limit (level 60) will not be able to participate in this Guild Siege!

    Make sure to prepare your characters! We hope to see as many there as possible.

    Best of luck to you all ~

    ~ The Staff Team