Patch Notes 1.0.2

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    Patch Notes 1.0.2


    • 'Groot' now gives +15 all stats instead of +10.
    • Ankou's Element has been changed from Electric to Fire.
    • Unbind scrolls added to the in-game Vote Shop.
    • 'Blessing of the Wise Man' can now be used with both Knuckle and Stick.
    • Jesters now have an AoE Ability: 'Escape' has been reworked into 'Supernova,' a mid rage AoE.
    • The Jewellery Sets from Divinity's Dungeon now have a level requirement:
      • We've un-equipped all player's Jewellery Sets and Dragon Sets that are not the right level to use them to solidify this change.
    • During Guild Siege there will be a max level Buff Pang in the Guild Siege Arena for combatants to use.
    • Monsters will now accurately show their actual drop rates in the Monster Info:
      • To find a monster's chance to drop items, login and go to "Start" > "Infornation" > "Monster Info" and type out the monster's name in the search bar. Double click on the monster in the list and it will show you the items it can drop along with their drop chance.
    • Drops for The Wilds (level 80 non-master dungeon) have been improved and drop rates increased.
    • We have slightly increased drop rates in the Savage Wilds, Isle of Nightmares and Abyssal cove of the Ancients.
    • Vampire, Entanemuss, Hernesum, Royal, Ancient and Behemoth weapons normal and ultimate have had their base NPC penya values changed.
      • Please be aware we ran into an issue with the resell formula when changing the base value to anything higher than 80mil, so prices will change again once the issue has been resolved!

    New Equipment Configurations!

    It is now possible to create gear sets that you can easily swap between at the push of a button!

    How it works: (see picture for reference)
    1. Open your inventory and click on the new cog icon in the bottom left hand corner to bring up your equipment configurations window.

    2. Either select an existing configuration and click "Save" to over-write it or just click "Save" to create a new one, This opens the Save Equipment Configuration window.

    3. Equip the gear/pets you want to save in your inventory, enter a set name, choose an icon and click "Save." (Please note icons will be different to those shown below.)
    4. If you're over-writing an existing equipment configuration you will have this warning box pop up. Click yes to proceed, or no to cancel the over-write.

    You will now be able to change to that equipment instantly by either selecting it from your equipment configurations window and pressing "Equip," or drag the icon down to your hotkey and then pressing the button/clicking the icon. Double tapping the shortcut will not remove your gear, allowing for fast, responsive and reliable gear-swapping!


    Bug Fixes:

    • Blue Ice Wolf & Yetti no longer infinitely heal.
    • Holies are fixed.
    • Blinkpool is fixed.