Siege with the Staff Normal Siege! 14th - 15th of July

  • Helloooooooo~

    We will continue the success of the event Siege with the Staff, and invite you to another Siege Weekend!


    What event is this?: This is essentially just a regular Guild Siege, but several Staff members will participate as well! There will also be a few additional lives, to extend the fun a bit :> This gives the Ignite Staff a chance to experience the PvP environment first hand, as well as giving you players a challenge!

    Rules: Standard Guild Siege rules apply. See specific rules for each Siege at the bottom of the thread. Fair play is appreciated, but not a requirement. Please refrain from the negative talk, players with an unnecessarily offensive or negative attitude during the event will be kicked from the event and disqualified from any special rewards, should they be eligible for it.

    As for the Staff members, we will play by some rules that makes it possible for you to kill us. The Staff members will not use commands such as one kill, undying, invisibility that is not from skills, manipulate their stats, teleport etc. The gear we will use will only be within the possible range that players can also achieve, so none of the impossible GM awakes like 500 stats or anything that exceeds what is possible to obtain.

    Prizes: As always, there will be prizes for this event! To let everyone have a fair chance to win, I decided to come up with some additional categories which we will use as criterias when judging the winners.

    ~ Winning Guild. The winning guild of the Guild Siege will not only get the Crown, but also 3x Event Chips to split between their members! 681-crown-icon-png

    ~ MVP. The player with the most kills will take home 1x Event Chip in addition to a fancy medal to show off 680-mvp-icon-png

    ~ Most impressive underdog. Not everyone fight in big groups, not everyone fight with maxed out gear. This reward of 1x Event Chip will go to a player we think did an impressive job as an underdog

    ~ Upcoming talent. The player who displays courage and skill with a potential for a future as an upcoming talent for PvP on Ignite Flyff will also be rewarded with 1x Event Chip

    ~ Fair Play and positive attitude. There will be several Event Chips handed out to players we think did exceptionally well when it comes to fair play and having a positive attitude. Up to a maximum of 3 players will be rewarded with 1x Event Chip each, but I hope you will all strive to be a potential candidate in this category!

    ~ GGWP reward. One player who maybe got unlucky being focused a lot, maybe lagged a lot, maybe failed swaps or just did not have swaps ready to go... Whatever the reason is that you got no kills or no points at all, fear not! This reward is for you! 1x Event Chip goes to an unlucky player who fought with pride and courage but still unfortunately ended up without much to show for it. Everyone has to start out somewhere!

    ~ Other spontanous rewards. We will be giving out Event Chips left and right this weekend, so there may be other categories that we come up with as well to reward you guys!

    When is this event?: This Guild Siege event with the Staff will take place this weekend (14h - 15th July).

    Saturday 14th of July 8 PM UTC: Normal Siege with no level restriction, you can line up characters that are any level.

    Sunday 15th of July 8 PM UTC: Normal Siege with no level restriction, you can line up characters that are any level.

    We are looking forward to a good fight, and hope that you spend the time to prepare your characters :>

    That's it for the details regarding this event! I hope that as many members from the Staff team will be able to participate, and I hope to see a lot of you there to fight us! :ridicule:

    Good luck to you all my dear friends!