June Update - Part #1

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    June Update - Part 1

    "Hello Ignite Flyff Players, First of all let us thank everyone who kept patient with us during this time.

    Our intentions were not to release this update so late. Due to issues with dungeons and systems that need some extra

    time to fix, we will be releasing this patch in 2 parts. Part 1 will consist of some added activities you can start on whilst you

    await part 2. We promise to have part 2 out to you as soon as it's completely functional! Keep in mind this is not everything

    and the majority of content will still be in Part 2, but as stated you can get a start here!"

    Action Slots

    You can have now multiple Action Slots!


    New Level Cap

    We increased the level cap with this update to 150 in preparation for the new dungeons.

    You can level up in Divitniy's Range or in Asmia ( Premium Ticket )

    A new Premium Ticket is available which leads to Asmia, there are monsters here from Level 140 - 150. You can get the Ticket from our In-Game Vote Shop and Ignite Shop!



    Dungeons are now no longer cool-down based!

    You now have a daily limit with a global reset time each day.

    Dungeon Entries per Day
    The Wilds 10
    Ivillis Dungeon 10
    Vulcano 8
    Savage Wilds 10
    Isle of Nightmares 9
    Abyssal Cove of the Ancients 8
    Les Brittania S 7
    Aminus 8
    Cursed Aminus 8
    Catacombs of Anguish 6
    Kalgas Cave 6
    Ankou's Asylum 6
    High Catacombs of Anguish 6
    High Kalgas Cave 6
    High Ankou's Asylum 6
    Clockworks Cage 3
    Divinity's Dungeon 3

    You are able to see a list of your current and remaining runs in the Teleporter!


    Global Drops

    Monsters above level 60 will now drop Level Up Treasure Boxes and Key's. These boxes contain various items like Power Ups, Ultra Shout, or Offline Vendors.


    New Weapon Skins!

    We added a bunch of new weapon skins for you!

    You can get now exclusive skins from the Jeweled Golden Chest and from World Bosses.


    [Event] Artas



    Beginner Helper

    To make it easier to catch up for our new players, we added [Beginner Helper] Lucy in North Flaris.
    She'll exchange your Beginner Chips ( Which drop from Level 1 to 70 ) for Gear and Weapons!


    Catch the Monsters!

    From time to time, Monsters will spawn in Madrigal who'll give you a small buff if you kill them.

    This Event will run from 1st of July until 8th of July!


    Groot Event is back!

    This event will start from the 1st of July until the 14th of July.


    So you may wonder, what on earth is this event about? Well let me tell you some details!

    Groots children Root, Woot, Hoot and Noot are missing!

    Help Groot find his babies who are lost throughout Madrigal and you will be given great rewards in return!

    You can collect several types of strange wood!

    Collect Reward Effect
    500x Root Wood Root Pickup-Pet All Stats +5
    500x Woot Wood Woot Pickup-Pet
    All Stats +5
    500x Hoot Wood Hoot Pickup-Pet All Stats +5
    500x Noot Wood Noot Pickup-Pet All Stats +5
    1x Root Pickup-Pet, 1x Woot Pickup-Pet, 1x Hoot Pickup-Pet, 1x Noot Pickup-Pet Groot Pickup-Pet All Stats +10

    Box and Key Exchanger

    You can now exchange your dungeon loot boxes to keys and vice versa! All you have to do is visit Boxy

    in Northern Flarine as shown on the map below to start exchanging.


    General Changes:

    • Glyphs now have a 3 day duration.
    • Decreased Azria Channels from 5 -> 3
    • Increased Dekane Mines Channels from 2 -> 3
    • We increased the XP and Penya rate in following areas:
      • Darkon 1
      • Darkon 2
      • Darkon 3
      • Shaduwar
      • Valley of the Risen
      • Kaillun
      • Bahara Desert
      • Forsaken Tower B1 - B5
    • Increased the bonus effect from following pets:
      • Bianyichong
      • Heart Queen
      • Six Star Robot
      • Red Devil
      • Tornado
      • Four Star Chocobo
    • For the Dungeon cooldown change, we had to remove Dungeon Cooldown from Guild buffs.
      • Ultimate Guild Buff will give you now +5% EXP Rate and +5% Monster Damage absorb.
    • Added Ignite Chicken to Anarchy Manager
      • A chicken made by Potent. Increases Experience by 30% for 1 hour.
    • Increased the Guild Siege Line-Up Time from 3 minutes to 5.
    • We have updated our Guild Siege Times:
      • Monday: 4 PM UTC
      • Tuesday: 5 PM UTC
      • Wednesday: 4 PM UTC
      • Thursday: 5 PM UTC
      • Friday: 6 PM UTC
      • Saturday: 6 PM UTC
      • Sunday: 5:30 PM UTC
    • We have added the Asmia Ticket to the In-Game Vote Shop ( Temporarily in CS Set's Tab )
    • Increased the minimum Line-Up count from Free For All from 2 to 4.


    • Removed PvP Damage increase from Special One-Handed Mastery
    • Force Master Self buffs will last now longer
    • Ultimate Defense decreased Damage Absorb from 80% to 60 and changed PvP Damage decrease from -120% to -200%
    • Increased the skill duration from Blessing of the Wise man from 11 minutes to 20 minutes
    • Increased the Knuckle Rate for Ringmasters from 3.9 to 4.2
    • Astral Moon will not longer scale with wind mastery

    Notice: Balance can be changed anytime.


    Divinity's Dungeon

    This new dungeon introduces a new Jewellery set into Ignite Flyff, This will be the new end game Jewellery set. You can obtain these

    by collecting the Gaia Hearts from the boss in Divinity's Dungeon and exchanging them at [Divinity Exchange] Louise in Camp Divinity.

    This dungeon will be for levels 145 ~ 150, you are able to run this dungeon 3 times a day and it will contain a guaranteed drop rate.

    This dungeon will have a very few amount of AI mechanics and will be a small introduction into some things you will see in Cairos.


    Part Set Effect Base Effect Upgraded Effect
    Strange Hunter's Ring Increase Atk+ 18%
    Critical Chance +30%
    Critical Damage +30%
    STR +25
    Crit Damage +5%
    STR +60
    Crit Damage +10%
    Strange Hunter's Demol Earring Increase Atk+ 18%
    Critical Chance +30%
    Critical Damage +30%
    STR +25
    Additional Damage +413 Additional Damage +713
    Strange Hunter's Gore Necklace Increase Atk+ 18%
    Critical Chance +30%
    Critical Damage +30%
    STR +25
    Max. HP+1018
    Max. HP+2036
    Ultimate Tank's Ring Increased HP +30%
    Ranged Block +25%
    Melee Block +25%
    Increased DEF +5%
    Increased Def +10%
    Ultimate Tank's Plug Earring Increased HP +30%
    Ranged Block +25%
    Melee Block +25%
    DEF+370 DEF+740
    Ultimate Tank's Necklace of Protection Increased HP +30%
    Ranged Block +25%
    Melee Block +25%
    Max. HP+1018
    Max. MP+300
    Max. HP+2036
    Max. MP+600
    Dark Silent's Ring Increased Atk+18%
    Increase MP+20%
    Decreased Casting Time+35%
    Decreased Casting Time+5%
    Decreased Casting Time+10%
    Dark Silent's Earring of Intelligence
    Increased Atk+18%
    Increase MP+20%
    Decreased Casting Time+35%
    Add Magical Power+413 Add Magical Power+713
    Dark Silent's Mental Necklace Increased Atk+18%
    Increase MP+20%
    Decreased Casting Time+35%
    Max. MP+227
    Max. MP+454
    Scary's Ring Increased Atk+18%
    Critical Damage+40%
    Increased Critical Damage+5%
    Increased Critical Damage+10%
    Scary's Earring of Power Increased Atk+18%
    Critical Damage+40%
    Increase Attack power (Yo-Yo)+ 413
    Increase Attack power (Bow)+ 413
    Increase Attack power (Yo-Yo)+ 713
    Increase Attack power (Bow)+ 713
    Scary's Peision Necklace Increased Atk+18%
    Critical Damage+40%
    Max. FP+227
    Magic Defence+ 300
    Max. FP+454
    Magic Defence+600


    Clockworks has returned as a level 121 Monster. Players from lv 121 ~ 150 will be able to battle him by entering via the

    Clockworks Cage. This boss has had it's damage and level increased and should not be taken lightly! Rewards for this
    boss include weapon skins and end game glyphs and potions. You can find these items from the [Clockworks Exchange] Butler
    that stands beside the entrance to the clockworks cage.


    For the nostalgic feeling we've added following Set's to the Shop, you can use them as Fasion Sets





    Divinity's Range:

    Divinity's range has had it's city reworked. This will now house the new Cairos Dungeon as well as a few key NPC's tied to Divinity and Cairos Dungeon. You will be able to exchange items from these dungeons at these NPC's for loot and other rewards! So be sure to drop by and have a look at what is available to you here.


    Current End Game Dungeons:

    Ankou, Kalgas and Kheldor's dungeons have all been duplicated and moved to lv145~150. These mobs will be a higher level to match the level increase, This is so you can continue these dungeons at these levels and have more things to run at end game!


    Ignite Shop Update

    We've added some new Fashion Sets to our Ignite Shop!

    Fur Set's M / F