Weekend Events for June 1st - June 3rd

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    Hello everyone! While it's getting towards summer for some it's getting colder here!

    We have some more weekend events scheduled and I hope to see you all there! There may also be "Surprise events", as well as the regular scheduled ones!

    The schedule for this weekend looks like this:

    Friday 1st June: 10 PM UTC

    Saturday 2nd June: 10 AM UTC as well as surprise-whisper-events starting from 12 PM UTC

    Sunday 3rd June: 8 AM  UTC

    NOTE: The Event will start at this time, rules and details of the event will be announced 15 minutes beforehand. This means that if you want to know the rules and specific details for the event, you need to be logged in at 9:45 PM UTC Friday, 9:45 AM and 6:45 PM Saturday, and 7:45 AM and 7:45 PM Sunday!

    General information regarding in-game events:  

    Types of events: This weekend the events we will host are Color Chaos, Guess the Monster, Fast Hands, QnA, Surprise Events and Monster Scramble!

    Here's a screenshot of previous events!

    15 minutes before the start of an event, details and rules will start being announced. Check the Event chat for these details. Make sure to have your "Event" chat ticket in your filters to see these announcements!


    Location: Many of the events we host will take place on the GM Event Map. To get here, use your Teleporter (Start - Systems - Teleporter) and select the GM Event Map.


    Prizes: In-game events are rewarded with Event Chips. You will get 1 Event Chip if you win the round, and usually there is only one winner per round. These can be exchanged in Northern Flarine for the rewards of your choice!


    General rules and guidelines: Unless specified other, you may only win once per event. This is to let others have a chance to win after you already claimed a prize! In luck based events, you are only allowed to participate with one character. IP adresses and accounts will be checked.

    Be polite and respectful, towards Staff members, and of course also towards other players. General rules of conduct apply at all times, but to keep order a GM may utilize freezes, mutes or more severe punishment if situations that require so should occur during an event. TDLR; Behave nicely and have fun!

    I hope to see you all in-game for fun and adventure!

    Stay safe! ~Potent