Patchnotes 0.20

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    Patch Notes 0.20


    • Increased the maximum Client limit to 8
    • [Vote Shop] Kyoko is now available
      • You can buy now Vote Tokens in the Vote Shop and exchange them In-Game!
      • Find these at Start -> Premium -> Shop -> Vote Shop -> Misc
    • Increased the Knuckle Rate from Force Master to the same amount as Hero Billposter
    • Increased the Penya Rate in Dekane Mines Note: This is not final and can be changed anytime.
      • We added a Damage Cap to Dekane Mines. You'll be able to deal a maximum of 1.000.000 damage.
    • You can now exchange your Ringmaster Knuckle for a Billposter version.
      • Warning: The Knuckle you recieve will be clean, awakes and upgrades will not be transfered over.
    • Increased the price of Dekane Mines Ticket ( 1 day )
    • Reduced the price of Ultra Shout ( 1 day ) in Vote Shop
    • All Glyph's Duration increased to 3 days
    • Lowered the Blockrate of following monsters by 30% Note: This is not final and can be changed anytime.
      • [God of Death] Ankou
      • [Deathbringer] Kheldor
      • [God of Wrath] Kalgas
    • Optimized some Invasion spawns Note: This is not final and needs some more optimazion.


    • Dekane Mines now work as intended with multiple channels
    • Another auto-attack bug has been fixed
    • Fixed a bug where a mount was not properly removed after a player died
    • Fixed a visual bug with the Ancient Clock Sword
    • Fixed a bug where the Blue Ice Yetti and Blue Ice Wolf healed unlimitedly

    Class Balance:

    • Blessing of the wise man will now increase your PvE Damage by 15%