Design a Cloak Contest!

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    Ignite FlyFF Design a Cloak Contest!

    We will be hosting a competition in which you can submit your ideas for new cloaks in-game. The cloaks will be voted on by the Ignite Flyff staff team and any successful applicants will have their cloak added in-game. The winners will also receive an Ignite Point prize.

    The event will run from the 14th of May til the 14th of June.


    To enter, reply to this topic with a screenshot of your cloak inside the program.

    You may only submit 1 entry, but you may edit your post to change your entry up until the closing date.

    All entrys must be original and of the submitter's own creation.

    If you win, we will request the DDS file from you to add the cloak in-game.

    Here are some example cloaks from the package:


    1st place: 5000 Ignite Points, 3 Event Chips, Cloak added in-game

    2nd place: 4000 Ignite Points, 2 Event Chips, Cloak added in-game

    3rd place: 3000 Ignite Points, 1 Event Chip, Cloak added in-game

    Winners will recieve a copy of the cloak they created!

    Winners will be notified via the Forums.


    You can download the model pack here:…

    This includes some sample models and textures and a program to load them.

    How do I use the application?

    The Model Editor is opened from the ModelEditor.exe file inside the above ZIP file.

    Once the application is open, you can open the cloak files included using File > Open

    There are a few templates supplied with the model pack to use and modify.

    Select a o3d model to use and this will automatically load the textures with it.


    Using your mouse you can right click and drag to rotate the model, or zoom with the scroll wheel.

    You can also change the texture using Edit > Edit Effects (CTRL+E)

    How do I change the language of the model viewer?

    Go into "Edit" ("Affichage" or "Sicht") and select "Language" ("Sprache"). There are 3 languages to choose from. French, English, or Deutsch.

    This is the third selection from the left at the top of the screen. The changes will persist when the model viewer is closed and re-opened automatically.


    What files do I need to edit?
    You only need to edit dds files in the Model > Texture folder, renaming or editing the o3d files will make them not work correctly and break it.

    How can I open/edit the DDS files?

    You can edit these by using ( recommended )