June Update - Early Insight

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    Early Insight

    Hello Ignite Flyff Players! We're happy to bring you an early insight for a few things in the coming

    update that will be happening in June. This list isn't full and there is more to come, but these are some of

    the exciting things that you can expect!



    New content! We're bringing in new dungeons with this update, prepare your

    characters to go into some new battles to progress your gear even further!

    Previous gear will still be useful and relevant so hold onto it! You'll need it to progress further.



    Questing is back! We're bringing in new, fun and rewarding quests that players will be able to do

    so they can unlock bonus EXP or get amazing new gear! We will be tailoring these quests

    to make it rewarding and helpful to run whilst you're continuing your path through Ignite Flyff.



    We've noticed a lot of players wanting more options when dressing up their character, so we're bringing

    in heaps of new fashion for players, both in-game and in the shop! This includes Fashion CS sets, Mounts,

    Masks and Cloaks! There will be something for every taste, from the coolest of cool to the fluffiest of fluff!


    Goodbye RNG

    Although RNG will still remain in portions of new content, for progression based drops RNG will not be used.

    This does not mean this content is going to be easy! This is just a big step away from not being rewarded after

    running a dungeon. Your effort will pay off, hard work as well as teamwork will still be key factors to success!
    Previous content will still remain with the box and key system, though the rates will be altered some

    to make this previous content less mind numbing to run, and easier to catch up for newer players.


    Catch Up Event

    We will be running a catch up event once this big update hits, this will include some very useful

    items for new players to grind through early game content and catch up to the big guys at the end, at a more

    efficient pace! Feeling left behind in the wind? Fear not, your time to shine is coming!


    More To Come!

    Don't be mistaken, this is not everything! We have more to come and we will share

    more information with you guys as it gets closer to the date.

    We are super excited for this coming update, and we hope that you are too! Stay tuned!

    Video Teaser Coming Soon...